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Join a growing network of high-achieving investment clubs

Get access to curriculum, resources, and infrastructure to run a CASH Club of your own

Stock Market Education, Made Simple


"CASH Club was a journey in finding my interests. My school didn't offer many business classes, but CASH Club introduced me to investing and leadership in an easy-to-understand yet compelling way."

- Justin, TX

Why CASH Club?


Get access to marketing materials, guest speakers, and financial support for your very own CASH Club Chapter


Connect with dozens of eminent financial professionals who will kickstart your success in the business world


Connect with hundreds of like-minded students across the globe, sharing opportunities and knowledge


Receive CASH Club's InvestAcademy curriculum, professionally reviewed for comprehensive accuracy yet elegant simplicity


Receive recognition and prizes from CASH Club and our sponsors for exemplary club leadership and accomplishments


Be a part of phenomenal events, competitions, and initiatives aimed at empowering the next generation of investors

Bring CASH Club to Your School

Step 01

Fill out the form!

We'd like to connect! Fill out the application form below!

Step 02

Orientation Call

Our Operations Department will get you started via Meet!

Step 03

Launch CASH Club

Get exclusive access to the CASH Launch Package! Welcome to the team!

Info Packet

Extra Resources

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