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About Us

Our story -- empowering the next generation of investors

The Problem

  • 75% of millennials say they don’t invest because they “don’t know enough” about markets

    • Lack of investment education from a young age

  • 2/3 of high school students say they do not understand what the stock market does


Sources: Princeton Research, NextGen Finance


Our Mission

The mission of CASH Club Corp. is not only to educate but to build tomorrow’s leaders. To accomplish this, we emphasize a mastery of financial knowledge in addition to creating an environment where students are encouraged to develop their economic understanding through real-world scenarios and application. Our goal is to promote skills that will last a lifetime through learning that starts today.

Expanding Our Mission

This year, our objective is to find and connect with as many students across the world. Our mission is to empower students with an interest in investing, promoting skills and knowledge about finance that will last a lifetime. We hope to continue to grow our network of students & teachers through our simple & direct process to starting a club, which is driven by bite-sized curriculum and real-life application.


Aug 2018: Founded at Shepton HS

May 2019: First CASH Club Investing Champion Crowned

Summer 2019: Branch Expansion

Aug 2019: 501(c)(3) Status Approved

Nov 2019: 1st Branch Outside Dallas-Fort Worth

Jan 2020: KWHS Investing Competition - North American Finalists

April 2020: Women On Wall Street (W.O.W. Initiative Launched)

OUR Founders





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