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Women On 

Wall Street Initiative (W.O.W.)

empowering the next generation of female investors

why W.O.W.?

The CASH Club Women on Wall Street Initiative was launched in April 2020 in response to a systemic problem within the organization and finance as a whole. In the 2019-2020 school year, CASH Club only had 5.8% of members who were female, indicating there was a greater problem at hand. It is no secret that women are largely under-represented in the realm of finance, and even at the high school level, stock investment clubs often have the stigma of being "boys' clubs" with little appeal to aspiring female investors. CASH Club has decided to address this concern.

what is W.O.W.?

The mission of W.O.W. is to increase outreach and engagement among girls in CASH Club. Outside the organization, we hope that these efforts will enable girls to grow their passion in finance, which will inspire them to build solid investing fundamentals that will carry with them into adulthood. And as a bonus, CASH Club hopes to also encourage girls to pursue careers in finance and support their professional endeavors.

In order to achieve our goal of increasing female engagement in investing, we have outlined the following:

 1. Increase outreach targeted through social media like Instagram

 2. Encourage girls to start and lead their own CASH Club branches

 3. Provide unique professional opportunities (e.g., internships) for girls to get first-hand business experience

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Executive President

Angela Wang


Vice President

Kaitlyn Hou


Lead Marketing Manager

Christine Kim

IMG_2882 - Sophia Zhang.jpg


Sophia Zhang

Featured Event

June 2020 Women On Wall Street Guest Speaker Session

Invstr CMO Mrs. Nora Lee Notzon Derhalli details how she paved her way as a female in finance.

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