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2020 CASH Club Summit

Leadership. Networking. Investing. Learn from the best, and we will handle the rest.



Guest Speaker:
Austin Hankwitz
Strategic Financial Analyst and TikTok Influencer (300k+) Austin Hankwitz shares his experience in the finance world and provides valuable insight for young investors
Guest Speaker:
Chris garcia
Nationally acclaimed Private Wealth Advisor and CEO of the Azimont Group Chris Garcia discusses his journey working in the financial field and inspires the financial services leaders of tomorrow
Corporate Leadership presentation:
susan lorimer
Former PepsiCo executive Susan Lorimer joins Day 2 of the CASH Club Summit for a valuable lesson in corporate leadership to motivate the business leaders of the future.

This August we hosted the first-ever CASH Club Summit! Featuring three different guest speakers from diverse backgrounds sharing their experiences in the world of investing and business, this was the biggest CASH Club event of the summer. With over 150 participants at the 2020 CASH Club Summit, we celebrated the global network we have grown over the past year and prepared for a successful year ahead!

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