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Nathan Thomas


Nathan is a native Texan who became interested in finance and investing through C.A.S.H. Club. He will be attending Texas A&M in the fall with a planned major in Economics. Apart from his interest in the finance industry, he likes to barbecue, work outdoors, and spend time with family and friends.

How were you involved at your CASH Club Branch?

Involved in establishing the club at Coppell along with my fellow officers we had to get all the required authorizations and do the planning from the ground up. For the past 2 years I have continued in the role of president by presenting with my officers, formatting the slides, staying in contact with the Board as well as work on outreach to our Coppell students to get more of them to join.

What is one thing you learned in CASH Club that you will take with you for the rest of your life?

Don't let perception fool you of reality. While I wanted to learn more about the stock market, I had felt it was too complex and above me to understand. The chance to be a part of this organization allowed me to change that perception since the curriculum was easy to understand and we had a practical way of applying the lessons. Unlike other stock market clubs which were insulated to sophomores, juniors and seniors in their respective grades, Cash club has done a great job of being accessible to all grades. This allows so many more kids the access to try investing and learning about the market instead of being blindsided by how pretentious investing is.

CASH Club members will go on to study a wide variety of majors in college. Regardless of your major, how do you plan to further get involved in finance at your college and beyond?

I see investing and the finance industry as a way of creating value in our society. I'd like to take on a leadership role in finding good business ventures to invest in and provide capital/consulting to, after graduation. I think many people can benefit from understanding how our system works to provide them better freedom and value for their money.

Scenario: I'm a 9th grader considering CASH Club. Do your best job convincing me to join/start a club.

"What do you have to lose?" is a question that depending on where you are in life will have different answers. If I ask you when you're 30 years old "what do you have to lose in learning to invest?" It'd be understandable to hear the response "Time, money (duh), family etc." At age 50, same question, I'd expect a similar response. And yet, 9th grade, many possibilities in front of you. You can choose from so many different career paths and hobbies to pursue. "What do you have to lose with learning to invest NOW?" With a little bit of time and education from our meetings you can practice trading stocks with no risk to you on our Invstr app. Investing isn't limited for those in finance or economics, it's for everyone. And the sooner you learn about it, the quicker you will realize the benefits. Try it out today!

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