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Welcome to students from all levels of investing experience, CASH Club events are designed to foster a collaborative environment for students to learn and compete.


True to its mission of empowering the next generation of investors, CASH Club offers many events throughout the year, including speaker spotlights, investing competitions, pitch competitions, leadership conventions, and career events.


The club is currently expanding its alumni network for all graduates of the CASH Club InvestAcademy. We would love for all students to join the growing network of high-achieving students and professionals. Above all, CASH Club members share a common passion for the stock market, aiming to secure a sound financial future.



Learn the theory, acquiring the tools to become a long-term successful investor 


Apply the knowledge from the CASH InvestAcademy to real-life investment practice through the Invstr platform


Club-wide events inviting professionals in the field to share their tips and experiences


CASH Club-powered initiatives to advance our mission of empowering the next generation of investors



Learn investing principles and strategies and incorporate them in the Invstr app

CASHPitch Challenge

Fall, Spring, Summer

Create a unique investing strategy with aesthetic, creative deliverables




Boosting financial literacy at the elementary and middle school level

Speaker Spotlight


Listen to tips, strategies, and stories from experienced investors 

CASH Career Chats


Learn about high-potential careers in finance, economics, and business

Women On Wall Street


Hear from experienced females in finance, paving their own path

CASH Championship Game

Fall, Spring, Summer

Apply your knowledge to compete against your peers for prizes

CASH Club Summit

Winter, Summer

Network with fellow members in addition to financial leaders




Seniors pitch their experiences with CASH Club and finance

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